The Chiizu Privacy Policy describes how Chiizu treats personal information when using the Chiizu app (the “App”).

What Information Is Collected?

While using Chiizu, information about your usage of the App may be captured. To that end, in order to aid in improving the Chiizu experience, Chiizu makes use of the Flurry API. The privacy notices of Flurry govern the use of your personal information. For more information you are encouraged to review Flurry’s Privacy Policy.

Content Shared Using Chiizu

The App makes use of third party sharing services including but not limited to Twitter, Facebook, and Sina Weibo. The privacy notices of these Web sites or services govern the use of your personal information associated with them. Chiizu is not responsible for the privacy policies or your adherence to the terms of use of these services. You agree that submitting any personal information to any and/or all of these services in conjunction with Chiizu is your responsibility.


The App employs the use of Flurry to monitor aggregate metrics and app stability. This information is solely used to improve the App.

More Information

For questions concerning the App, or further information on Chiizu privacy practices, please use the contact form located on the support page.